LVS003: Yukari

Do you see what I see? Firefox or IE

Yay for the first one I tried with a style sheet and PHP :D...and at this address...woo~ :D

Zi person person to the left is Goto Yukari formerly of the avex group AAA :D
The image is from AAA's first album ATTACK's insert booklet CD+DVD version (I'm pretty sure~ ^^;;)
The image I had wasn't really complete since part of her foot was missing...but could you tell before I said so?? :P
....please say you couldn't XD
It looks like a little bit for her leg/knee was cut off too but I didn't see that when I put it up so I never did anything
to it~ ^^;; The foot thing you could tell right away but with all the content you probably wouldn't notice the knee thing~

The navigation menu would always be on the left. Any sub navigation would plop right under it with the section
as its title so you know where you are :D Of course the content would be to the right of Yukari :P I even
overlapped it a little and just moved the text or image a little so it wouldn't cover her foot or something~ ^^;;

This wasn't too small screen friendly. I assume most people are at 1024x768 at least...well most people I know do~ ^^;; so this supposedly
fit that~ That's when I thought my other computer was 1024x768...when it turned out to be 1280x800~ ^^;; Whoops?? ^^;;