d  r  e  n  c  h  e  d  h  a  r  m  o  n  i  c  a

{ l v s 0 0 5 : i s h i k a w a r i k a }

Do you see what I see? Firefox or IE

Well this didn't last long T_T According to the date of when I last updated the index page I put it up on the 16th of August...
...I'm writing this on the 14th of September and have been working on a new layout for about a week at least~ ^^;;

In case you don't recognize her back side that's Ishikawa Rika formerly of Hello!Project's Morning Musume., Morning Musume. Otome Gumi, TANPOPO,
7AIR, SEXY 8, Viyuuden and others and is currently member of Ongaku Gatas @_@ If you watched a few H!P things then you've probably seen her~ :P
She's my favorite H!P artist and since it was time for a girl here I chose her :D
I had another under construction image up when I was changing things~ Want to see?? :D Clickee clickee :D
Both images of Rika are from her Kazahana photobook~ Go and look for those pertee piccees :D

For this one I also created an image for pretty much every title I could to make things match rather than just plain text~ :P
That took a while to do and I got so annoyed when I ended up missing one or messed up one and had to do more @_@
I was also really annoyed that everything is still to the left instead of centered >_<
I wasn't about to change the little error that made the page like that so I kept it on the left and waited until the new set-up...
I guess this is why it's changed already XD