LVS010: Genie

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Sowoneul Malhaebwa~ :D
Did I spell that right?? I always forget how to spell the first part~ xD
After the Gee craze I was still very much in So Nyuh Shi Dae and I loved Genie from the beginning~
Loved the song, the outfits, and the dance. This is definetely one of my obsession songs xD
I was thinking about using other images of them for the promotion of the song/album but I ended up going with the main group picture in the uniform.
I kinda wanted Yuri in the middle anyway so it all worked out~ :P

With this one I kept it very simple~ Pretty much the only image is what you see up there.
No random image and not even a separation image~ Since there were stars in the header as separators I decided to just stick with a star everywhere else too~ :D

This one beat the last one with being up for four full months. :O
I didn't mean for it to be up so long and I didn't realize it was up too long until a few days before I changed it.
I just got so used to and loved it so much I guess I didn't want to change it~ :D

★   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★