Do you see what I see? FireFox or Internet Explorer or Opera or Safari

Changmin again?? and again?? xD
I've always loved this picture but had trouble figuring out how I could use it since it
was a tight image with writing in the middle [D:]] But looks like I made it work~ :D

Somehow I did something that made me work more again @_@
You can't really see it here but the bottom half of the header where it says LVS009: CRAZY LOVE
by his legs changes depending on the page you were on...there were nearly 100 of them [D:]]
I really didn't want to add any more pages because of that since I would have to make a new one each time xD

But like with the last one there's something different up there~ :D If you can see the little
circle in the middle of the lyrics under the title then you can listen to Dong Bang Shin Ki's CRAZY LOVE~ :D
Absolutely love that could be due to me liking techno~ee songs :P

This one also beat the last one with it being up for over three months~ :O Awesomeness~