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LVS002: Changmin

Do you see what I see? Firefox or IE

Here's my first main one!! Wee!!!! :D Pretty much just centered everything and put them in tables XD

Mister screamee up there is Changmin from Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki :D...or Dong Bang Shin Gi, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, Tohoshinki...whatever you
want to call them :P The image is a screencap from the PV LAST ANGEL feat Tohoshinki by Koda Kumi~ I absolutely love it...and I was (...is)
totally obsessed with that picture XD I don't know why but screaming MAXee amuses me greatly~ ^^;;

For this one the main navigation is always at the very top with a sub section divided from the main menu and the content underneath it~ I did this
weird/different with probably more work than necessary. Since this is before I learned about PHP I pretty much copy and pasted all the navigation...
but for the sub-navigation I put on the left side what page you were on and back...

...so if you were looking at the Korean PVs section it would show drenched harmonica >> Videos >> PVs >> Korean.
On the right I would put the other options so with the Korean PVs again it would have Chinese << Japanese << Other.
If I clicked on Chinese they would swap places so pretty much every page had a different thing on the left @_@
It would really suck if I messed up there XD

Hmm...looking at it I guess this was smaller screen friendly...Yay!! :D Maybe I'll try this again without tables...or that navigation XD