LVS006: AAA in CCC

Do you see what I see? Firefox or IE or Opera or Safari

AAA...yay!!!!!!! :D Ain't it pertee?? :P
All the pictures...including the coming soon picture (clickee! :D)...are of AAA in their CCC outfits :D
I kinda cheated since the navigation menu is the same they used on the offical site~ ^^;;
Before I decided on this I was trying to find a picture of Takkun (Nishijima Takahiro...the guy above the EN) to use since it was time for a guy to be featured
but I couldn't find one on my computer that I really wanted to use with the background I was trying to match with it @______@ So this happened :P

this one really is okay for those with 800x600...yippee :D the sucky thing about that though is that all the tables shrunk a lot @____@ obviously the navigation is at the top with the main one being the image of them pointing but I needed something for the submenus...i ended up just making more signs like the main one but made each menu one giant sign with sections...if that makes any sense xD but it was centered finally xD

it wasn't that bad overall :D