Do you see what I see? Firefox or IE or Safari or Opera

Yeah...I know...the links are the same as those on the header :P

But wee!! Changmin's dominating the site... didn't expect that... kinda~ ^^;;

I tried to make it fit on smaller screens again~ :D
Though some people had a little problem reading anything not in plain text~ ^^;;
Am I the only one who likes small font?? ^^;;

I also put the welcome message and video I usually put on the index page at the top :D
It took a while to get it all even because of that video @_@ I pretty much had to work around the video since I could
resize the player but sometimes the video would be cut off at the top because it wouldn't resize T_T Incredibly annoying @_@
At least the video could always be seen~ :D Even though it would refresh everytime you moved to a different page~ ^^;;
The video should still be active though so you can still watch it :D

I couldn't put the links in the same place as the video either so I had to move things around and still make it look even @____@
By far one of the most frustrating to work with... yet I managed to finish the whole thing in a few days :D

I was working on something else but ended up not liking it since it looked like an old freewebs blog-type layout... bleh DX
So while away from the comfort of my little cave I worked on this and got it up in time for the new year :D

Anyway...I liked it :D And it lasted almost two full months...woo!! :D When was the last time that happened?? xD