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Ah~ The last LVS at I'll miss it there~ *tears*

Anyway on to what this is about~ :D
If you couldn't already tell by looking at them (or just by the title @_@) this one features the six member group 2PM~ :D
For a while I've been wondering what image I should use for the site and then suddenly these came~ :D
I started on this soon after getting better quality images and then kept changing little things~ @_@
After I got most of it done more pictures from that shoot thing came out and since they were pretty much the same size as the ones I already worked on I decided to do the mouseover thing~ :D
I would've just kept it at that but it seemed a bit plain so I added some color. It probably would've turned out a little nicer if the color didn't piss me off after a while xD

Other than the mouseover this one was pretty simple and reminded me of my Genie LVS from earlier~ :P
It was up for a little over two months (it was up in time for my birthaversaree~ :D and Junsu's (guy holding TCGs) too~ :D)
It was also filled with a bunch of lame 2PM puns but that's okay~ :P
Oh...and although there wasn't a under construction image there was a coming soon one~ :D
It didn't have any of the guys but it was directly related~ :P